YoungBoy Never Broke Again alias NBA YoungBoy is one of the personalities who thrilled the rap music industry with their applaudable and extraordinary talent. From facing detainment to trolling, nothing stopped him from climbing the ladder of success. NBA YoungBoy net worth witnessed a significant rise in the last few years, indicating his successful career. 

Reportedly, NBA YoungBoy’s net worth in 2024 is $10 million. You’re living under a rock if you think he fetched this jaw-dropping amount through his music album sales only. Various factors are responsible for his enormous worth that we’ve discussed in this write-up. So, delve into this post right away and check out the factors. 

What is NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth in 2024? 

NBA YoungBoy net worth

As of 2024, NBA YoungBoy net worth is estimated to be $10 million which he made through music album sales, live concerts, endorsements, collaborations, and business ventures. Additionally, Never Broke Again YoungBoy has a YouTube channel contributing to his wealth. 

Factors Contribute to YoungBoy Never Broke Again Net Worth

Music Sales and Digital Streaming 

Music sales are the leading factor that predominantly affects YoungBoy net worth. The famous American rapper’s YouTube channel has over 13 million subscribers and has garnered billions of views. 

Several of Youngboy’s music videos have over 100 million views and are ranked at the top of the music charts. With these popular hits, he generates huge revenue through advertising. 

Live Concerts

NBA YoungBoy music concert

YoungBoy’s music concerts and live performances are immensely loved by his fans. They book their concert tickets in advance and even remain ready to pay an extra amount for the entry passes. Well, we’re in no wonder as his electrifying performance is a must-watch and energy-filling. 

Endorsements and Collaborations 

NBA YoungBoy collab with Guapi

Being a singing sensation, YoungBoy has collaborated with well-known entrepreneurs including ASAP Bari or Young Lord. It played a significant role in skyrocketing Never Broke Again YoungBoy net worth and made him more popular. Before the release of his 8th full-length studio album, he publicized his collaboration with Aaron Wilhelm, the owner of streetwear brand, Guapi.

Business Ventures 

NBA YoungBoy Brand

YoungBoy owns a clothing brand ‘YoungBoy Merch’ that highly contributes to YoungBoy’s net worth. Established by collaborating with the renowned brand VLONE, it offers hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. In the middle of 2023, the rapper launched a sneaker line ‘Grave Digger’ in collaboration with ‘Supreme’ and experienced remarkable growth in his net worth. 

NBA YoungBoy Assets and Properties 

NBA YoungBoy Mansion

NBA YoungBoy started living in a well-furnished mansion worth $5.2 million in Salt Lake City after moving to Utah. Nobody knows the actual purchase money but as heard through the grapevine, the rapper first lived there on rent and later purchased it. 

The mansion consists of four spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, five-car garages, and much more. It is built in a resort-style design and is of 8,800 square feet. On Mar 2024, the superstar shared the selling news of his dreamy home worth $5.5 million. 

NBA YoungBoy Wiki/Bio

Celebrity Name Never Broke Again YoungBoy
Full Name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden
NicknamesLil Top, YB, AI
Birth Date October 20, 1999
Age 24 years old
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 8 inches or 173 cm
Weight 165 lb or 75kg
Hair Color Black 
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name Sherhonda Gaulden
Siblings 2
Birth Country U.S
Place of Birth Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nationality American 
Zodiac Sign Libra 
Religion Christianity 
High School N/A
College/ University Didn’t attend
Marital Status Married 
Children 11
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Profession Rapper, singer, songwriter
NBA YoungBoy net worth $10 Million 
Source of IncomeMusic sales, Live music concerts, Endorsements, Collaborations, YouTube
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

NBA YoungBoy Background and Education 

NBA YoungBoy

Born on October 20, 1999, NBA YoungBoy spent his childhood with his maternal grandmother because his father was imprisoned for 55 years and his mother tied the knot with someone else. Lived in poverty, the YoungBoy left his studies in the ninth grade and got involved in robbery and drug smuggling. 

Being imprisoned at a very young age, he started writing lyrics and aimed to become a rapper. But as fate would have it, his grandmother passed away and he was sent to a group home where he used to be beaten by the other boys for no reason. 

After struggling and fighting with destiny, he reached the heights with his confidence and emerged as a shining star. 

NBA YoungBoy Personal Life 

NBA YoungBoy family

The rapper exchanged vows with his long-time girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes at the beginning of 2023. The couple have two children. In total, the superstar has eleven children from nine different women. His two sons were featured in his popular song ‘Kacey Talk’. 

YoungBoy Controversies and Legal Issues

NBA YoungBoy legal

YoungBoy has been involved in criminal activities since his teenage. He committed his first crime and was detained for six months in late 2014. Two years later, he was imprisoned before a concert for the charges of attempted murder; he jumped out of a moving car and fired openly at a group of four people in the street of South Baton Rouge. 

In 2018, he was again arrested before a concert in Tallahassee for kidnapping, weapons violations, and assaulting his former girlfriend. After completing his probation period of one year, he was taken into custody for the manufacturing of drugs. Still, the judge passed the order to release him due to the lack of solid evidence. 

In a nutshell, the musician is often detained for one reason or another. 

Last Words 

The NBA YoungBoy suffered a lot in his life but became successful. With his never losing hope nature, he succeeded in ruling the rap industry and billions of hearts around the globe. The huge NBA YoungBoy net worth justifies his achievements and fame. We hope the rapper will continue entertaining the world with his raw rapping style and his net worth rise mutually with his artistic work. 


How much is NBA YoungBoy net worth in 2024?

Ans: Reportedly, NBA YoungBoy’s net worth is $10 million approximately and his music career contributes dominantly to it.

How many songs does YB have over 100 million?

Ans: 27 solo songs of YoungBoys have over 100 million views which is an achievement to be proud of.

How is YoungBoy so rich?

Ans: Apart from his superhit music video sales, he earns well through live music concerts, endorsements, collaborations, and merchandise sales.

How much does YB make from YouTube?

Ans: YB has a massive fan following on YouTube and his channel got 292 million views a month. As per the source, YouTube pays him $1.4 million a month.