The dream of becoming an actor and getting every opportunity to succeed is with Jaden Slater. 

He is the son of popular Hollywood actor and producer Christian Slater and has been part of the movie industry since childhood. 

You can see the reflection of his celebrity parents in the looks of Jaden as he is growing up even though he tries to stay away from the limelight most of the time. 

Though most of the star kids opt for the same career path for themselves as their parents, it remains to be seen how this aspiring actor leaves his mark. 

In fact, various artistic endeavors are open for Jaden like scriptwriting, voice-over, assistant director, etc.

So, let’s know more about this boy wonder for whom the stage is already set, waiting for him to make an appearance!

Jaden Christopher Haddon-Slater: Early Life and Family Background

Jaden Slater
BornApril 6, 1999
OccupationActor and Model
ParentsChristian Slater and Ryan Haddon
SiblingsEliana Sophia Slater
Instagram, TikTok

Jaden Christopher Haddon Slater was born on April 6, 1999, in California to celebrity parents – Christian Slater, a Hollywood actor and producer, and Ryan Hodden, a TV host/journalist. 

The parents of Jaden met on the set of the TV show Married…With Children and got married after two years. 

Jaden is their first child and later they had a daughter named Elaina Sophia who is two years younger than him. 

Their marriage after seven years, ended in divorce, which might have impacted both children in their early life, studies, and future career in the entertainment industry. 

Later, in 2013, Christian Slater married actress Brittany Lopez with whom he has a daughter. 

With a big family and sisters, along with actor and producer father, Jaden has strong moral support to explore the entertainment industry. 

Education and Accomplishments of Jaden Slater

Young Jaden Slater with Christian Slater

An unconventional childhood, with parents splitting and the press following around, Jaden continued his education by attending Willwood School in L.A. 

Being creative, he actively participated in soccer team competitions while in high school.

He completed his high school education at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Art and Performing Arts, NYC. Jaden graduated from college in 2017. 

At present, Jaden Slater has taken a break from movies as he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. 

 His interests and hobbies in college include philosophy, filmmaking, directing, and producing. 

Jaden Slater – Acting Career and Training 

Being a Hollywood actor’s son is tough with constant struggle to balance personal life, studies, and being surrounded by the press. 

However, Jaden’s creative side was soon brought forth by his father’s encouragement. As a child actor, Jaden Christopher Haddon Slater worked in the following movies:

  • The Other Side (short film) in 2010
  • The Revenant in 2015 as Young Hawk
  • Guest role on the TV show Criminal Minds in 2015

His first breakout role was in the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets (2016) where he appeared in 4 episodes. 

The TV appearances of Jaden are as exciting as his roles in:

  • 2018 film Assassination Nation
  • 2018 Disney show Sydney to the Max
  • 2020 TV movie Death in the Family

If you are still wondering – is Christian Slater’s son an actor? The answer is yes, as he got an opportunity to showcase his talent and was trained by his father for the role. 

The Future Aspiring Actor

Jaden Slater is a Hollywood actor’s son and pursuing training from a prestigious art and theatre college is his first step towards his interest in the performing arts. 

Nevertheless, as he is from the entertainment industry and a son to parents who are Hollywood A-listers, Jaden’s net worth could be estimated to be around $1 million as of 2022. 

There is a lot of work to be added to Jaden Slater’s acting profile which he is sure to resume after his graduation. 

To stand out among other young actors and maintain his stardom takes a lot of courage in this social media age which Jaden has yet to confront. 

He is not reported to be in any relationship and stays away from the limelight. However, some recent reports and photographs show the father Christian, and Jaden spending time together. 

At the moment, Jaden is active in hobbies like creative writing, photography, travel, and playing guitar. 

The world is waiting for this aspiring actor to take center stage as he fine-tunes his creative knowledge to become part of the entertainment industry.