The global star Minji leads the popular South Korean girls’ group New Jeans formed by ADOR. Making her debut with her girl gang by releasing the single ‘Attention’, she has become a household name. In addition to being a great singer and rapper, Kim Minji is a model, performer, content producer, entrepreneur, and media personality. 

With her powerful vocals, Minji Newjeans has a massive fan following in Korea and internationally and turned out to be an inspiration for youngsters. Delve into this post to learn more about Minji’s childhood, family, age, career, and net worth. 

Minji New Jeans Bio/Wiki

Stage Name Minji 
Birth Name Kim Minji 
Legal NameLee Min-ji
Nick Name Teddy Bear 
Profession Vocalist 
Birth Date 7 May 2004 
Birth Place Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea
Age 20 years old
Height 5 feet 6 inches or 169 cm
Zodiac Sign Taurus 
Blood Type A
Nationality Korean 
Agency ADOR
Group NewJeans 
Years Active 2022-present

Minji Family and Early Life

New Jeans Minji

As of 2024, New Jeans Minji’s age is 20 years. She was born on 7 May 2004 in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea. As per the sources, she went to Mancheon Elementary School for elementary education. After that, she joined Sinsa Middle School. She enrolled in Hanlim Multi Art School for higher education and received her diploma in Feb 2023. 

Additionally, Minji New Jeans attended Source Music for about four and a half years as she has had a keen interest in music since a young age. 

Not much is known about Minji’s family but sources reveal that her father is a businessman and her mother is a homemaker. She also has an elder brother and younger sister in her family. She is a mixed-race woman and follows Christianity. 

Minji Career Highlights 

New Jeans

In 2019, Minji New Jeans made her screen debut by appearing in the videos ‘Plus Global Audition #THE_GIRL 1’ and ‘Plus Global Audition #THE_GIRL 2.’ In July 2021, she made a cameo appearance in the music video titled ‘Permission to Dance’ by BTS. 

The major turning point came to her life when she got selected as a member of New Jeans in 2022. The group consists of five Korean girls Minji, Hanni, Hyein, Danielle, and Haerin who ignited the world with their first track ‘Attention.’

New Jeans Minji Net Worth 2024

Minji New jean Net Worth

As a popular K-pop artist, Minji enjoys a luxurious life. Several brands have collaborated with the Korean girl which raised her living style. 

Last year, the luxury brand Chanel Korea appointed the young singer as its ambassador. It was the first time that Chanel chose just one personality for three categories—fashion, beauty, watches, and jewelry. During the collaboration, Minji Kim was spotted in a jacket and a hat, and the branded makeup elevated her look. 

Moreover, she was chosen for the first time as a solo celebrity to appear on the cover of Elle Korea’s magazine. 

In addition to brand endorsements, music album sales, and tour ticket sales also contribute to her net worth. Well, the exact figures are not known but some sites have disclosed New Jeans Minji net worth to be approximately $1.5 million. 

Unknown Facts About Minji 

  1. In the second year of middle school, Minji joined Source Music to become a professional singer. 
  2. She attended primary school in Canada to become fluent in English. 
  3. She speaks English, Japanese, and Korean fluently. 
  4. She loves to read mystery novels. 
  5. Minji’s favorite color is blue. 
  6. She prefers summers over winters. 
  7. Minji New Jeans loves to eat ice cream. 
  8. She often wears black outfits as she thinks it suits her well. 
  9. Before meeting Hanni, Minji hates to visit movie theatres. Now, she often visits there with her. 
  10. She dislikes carrots but cooks a carrot soup for Danielle because she loves it. 
  11. She doesn’t like mint chocolate and pineapples on Hawaiian pizza. 
  12. New Jeans Minji studied with Bae and Sullyoon of NMIXX in the Hanlim Arts School.
  13. In her leisure time, she writes dairy. 
  14. She often reads the book Winnie the Pooh and Happy Things Happen Every Day.
  15. She uses the hashtags #Round, #Minji, and #Newjeans to represent herself. 
  16. She sleeps with her doll by hugging her tightly. 
  17. If she chose to become an athlete in her college days, she would become a tennis player. 
  18. She wrote the lyrics of ‘Ditto’.
  19. What Minji New Jeans prefers: 
    • Black color over white 
    • Dogs over cats 
    • Cooking over washing dishes
    • Umbrella over raincoats 
    • Skateboarding over ballet 
    • Jajangmyeon over jjamppong
    • Robots over dinosaurs
    • Cold water over hot water 
    • Chicken over pizza
    • Pasta over kal-guksu
    • Handwriting over typing
    • Sugar over salt 
    • Protagonist over antagonist 
    • Sea over mountains 

Wrapping Up! 

Balancing the dream with education is a challenging task. But Minji New Jeans performed it well. Her mesmerizing vocals and electrifying stage presence left a long-lasting impression on musicophiles’ hearts and helped her to rise to stardom. With each passing day, she moved one step toward success and experienced a rise in her net worth. 


What is Minji’s favorite color?

Ans: Minji’s favorite color is Blue.

Who is Minji’s best friend in NewJeans?

Ans: Minji shares a lovable bond with Hanni and often visits the movie theatre with her.

How rich is Minji NewJeans?

Ans: New Jeans Minji lives a dreamy life with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

What does Minji mean in Korean?

Ans: Minji is a Korean girl’s name which means intelligent and clever.

How did Minji learn English?

Ans: Minji visited Canada for a few months to learn English.